For Students

Sucheta Memorial School                                                                     

Class  Rules

  1. Spoken English and decent language of communication is compulsory in the  school  premises.
  2. Each Student is expected to be involved in all the class activities with enthusiasm.
  3. Each Child is expected to perform their duties as allotted by the class teacher with full sincerity and commitment.
  4. Unnecessary movement outside the class is not allowed during the school timings.
  5. Attending assembly , games ,activities like debate ,declaration , recitations, counseling sessions and appearing for all assembly is mandatory.
  6. The students are expected to  move out of the class in a proper line.
  7. Any student is moving out of the class , the proper permission of the teacher and with a out pass  issued by the class teacher /monitor.
  8. The student are  expected to maintain a class library and contribute articles /paintings /photographs etc. for the class magazine.
  9. The student are expected to switch off  the lights and fans before moving out of the class.
  10. Students are expected to reach together and in time to the classes like music, games and computer etc.
  11. Each child is responsible for the –
  12. Proper cleaniness  and  upkeep of the class ,furniture and corridors.
  13. Proper discipline in the class
  14. Maintains the class decorum.
  15. Proper grooming and clean uniform .
  16. Completion and timely submission of assignment.
  17. Decent behavior with the classmates ,schoolmates and the staff of the school.
  18.  Be  Polite , courteous and respectful at all times.
  19.  In case of any problem query the student is expected to meet the class teacher /co-coordinator /Principal.