Nursery & Kindergarten:

Young minds are fragile and pose a million questions. The foremost task for the facilitators at such a time is to help children make a smooth transition from home to school.

Comfort within the school ensures a child’s ability to master the basics of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Simultaneously, children grow familiar with social skills required to adjust with peers and develop a sound value system.

ENLIGHT curriculum plays a vital role in shaping the initial learning years of our children’s education. We make use of a variety of tools such as storytelling, dramatization, counting games, group activities, pretend play, art, music, role-play, fields excursions, puppet shows and sports activities.

We also provide for a ‘Theme Time’ where several activities are integrated around a central theme to make the learning experience more meaningful and relevant for the child.

*Primary educations should not just be about preparing children for secondary school

We need to sort-out what primary education is for, and ensure that aims driving the curriculum and are not merely cosmetic. Today at the Government does the main aim of primary education is to make children ‘ Secondary ready’ is to ‘undervalue’ children is huge potential for development and learning during the Primary years.

*Assessment should be about more than just test result Where assessment and standard are concerned we need a wider practical repertoire and a more sophisticated vocabulary. We devise approaches that enhance learning do well as test it, that support the curriculum rather than disoil it, and that pursue high standard in all areas of learning, not just the core subject